How much will Flash website conversion cost?

How much will my website conversion from Flash to HTML5 or WordPress format cost?

Tough question!

Not easy to answer. This really depends on the amount of work our team need to go through during the conversion and the development of the new website.

Usually, direct conversions from Flash to HTML5 format are cheaper conversions, as we copy the design and make the same look and feel of the “old” website. The other case is when the direct conversion to HTML5 is impossible or WordPress/Joomla is required by our clients. In this case, there is a bit more time needed to develop everything from scratch and make use of the new responsive technologies, buy licenses etc. But, in any case…

What we can say for sure is that we can beat all competition prices! Get in touch with us and you will see it for your self!

We have a dedicated team and we work very close with our clients. Once you become our client you will be accepted as part of our family. This also means that our pricing is set in that logic. We are open and sincere, we do not overprice our services, and if there is really not much work involved we will give you a very affordable prices.