How long will it take?

How long will my website conversion from Flash to HTML5 or WordPress format take?

This is our favorite question which we would like to explain.

There are several phases involved in the conversion process including:

  1. Demo website development. The phase when we develop the presentational demo website for our clients populated with “dummy” content. Involvement of our team is 90% – finishes in maximum 10 days.
  2. Real data entry phase. This is the phase where we enter the real data or content for the new website. Involvement of our team is 50% and involvement of our customer is also 50% – this phase is tricky as it depends on our customers. This is the critical phase, read more after this list.
  3. Publishing phase. This is the final phase, the transfer to the hosting server and publishing of the new website under the original domain name. Involvement of our team is 95% – Finishes in a day.

As you can see, sometimes in depends on us, but many times the phase depends on our customers and their response time is not guaranteed as our policy is not to make too much pressure on our clients. This makes the length of the full conversion process not predictable although according to our experience it won’t last more then month and a half.

In perfect case, if we are given all the content and instructions at once, we guarantee you that we will finish the conversion in one week from the demo acceptance day.