Example of Converted Flash Website

Most of the website owners decide to change the layout of their original Flash website and move to a more modern look, but there are some which insist on keeping the original look. Below we list few of the Flash websites we converted from Flash to HTML5 or WordPress while retaining the exact “look and feel”. All below listed conversions can be verified by contacting the website owners. If you are interested in getting the owners contact details feel free to contact us.

Converted from Flash to WordPress

One of the companies that still keep their old Flash version is the OrangeD2 website. Their original site was completely Flash based making their online presentation invisible for all modern mobile devices. With the latest search results algorithm update from Google which starting on 21st of April 2015 will provide ranking boost to those sites which are mobile-friendly and drop down those which are not (like Flash sites). OrangeD2 made the brave move and switched from Flash to HTML5/WordPress by using Convert-Flash-HTML5.com. Click on the Flash to see the original version of the website or WP to see the converted version of the website.

Flash Website converted to WordPress
Flash Website converted to WordPress by Convert-Flash-HTML5.com

Click the images above to see the coresponding version of the website. After opening in the new window, right-click to confirm if the technology is Flash or not.