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 Update: Google announced on 15.06.2016 that their online conversion tool Swiffy is being shut down. This article mainly focused on how to convert Flash elements using the Swiffy converter as a free tool, however due to the latest update from Google this method no longer works. You can still read the article if you want to learn how it all worked with Swiffy. In the meantime, the only other working solution for converting your website from Flash to HTML5 or a CMS is to contact our experts to see how we can help, and we can!

Did you know that there is a free way for the conversion of your Flash website to HTML5 code? Whether you have a problem with the Flash website or smaller elements like Flash menu, Flash slideshow, animation, banner or other Flash elements there is a FREE automated solution that will convert your Flash to HTML5 code!

The solution exists for several years, but many still do not know it. The solution was created by, guess who?… Google! Yes, Google Swiffy is a free online tool made my the Google’s DoubleClick Studio.

Screenshot from Google Swiffy

The 3 steps for complete conversion of your Flash to HTML5

Google Swiffy offers a very easy way of converting your Flash. You just need to have your Flash .swf file, upload it, and wait for Swiffy to do the job for you. There are actually 3 steps involved:

  1. Uploading the .swf file to Swiffy.
  2. What you need to do it find your .swf file, right-click it, go to Properties and check the size of the file. If your file is under 1mb in size then you’re good to go. Just upload your file and Swiffy will convert your Flash to HTML5 code in just few seconds. You will be presented with two “screens” which will appear just below the upload file button. The first screen is your Flash animation, and the second screen is the converted HTML5 code.

  3. Copying the generated HTML5 code.
  4. Click the link that is listed below the second screen. It should be the name of your file with .html extension i.e. “flashexample.html”.

    Swiffy Screenshot 2

    Click on it and new browser window will open showing you just the HTML5 version of your file. When on the HTML screen, rick-click and select “View Page Source” on Chrome, Firefox, or “View Source” on Internet Explorer and Safari. There you have it, you have the HTML5 code of your Flash website or Flash animation. Now you just need to find a way to use this code on your website.

  5. Applying the HTML5 code to your .html file.

This is the most tricky part as it requires reading and understanding HTML coding. If you are not comfortable with doing the changes to the HTML code, feel free to ask for our assistance in converting your Flash website to HTML5 code. Don’t forget we also convert websites to WordPress or Joomla, the most powerfull Content Management Systems out there!

So how to implement the HTML code to your website? Well we’ll try to explain it with simple words. First find the .html file where your current Flash element (object) is inserted. It is usually the index.html file of your website, but there are cases where conversion is needer for a Flash element like banner, animation or slideshow which are inserted in other pages of the website. So, find the file and open it using editor like Notepad++ where you can see the different HTML tags marked and separated with colors.

Go back to your HTML5 generated code from Swiffy and copy everything starting from this line:

<script type="text/javascript" src="">

Mark all that is below this line, move through all that code, it’s a lot of code we know. Stop with selection with the first script closing tag that you will see.

</script> It should be just below the big code lines that you’ve just selected. Copy these lines and add them to your index.html file (or any other file where you want the Flash element changed with HTML5 code). Copy the code just before the closing head tag in your file.
Now, get back to your Swiffy generated code and now select all code starting from this code:
<div id="swiffycontainer"> and finish with the last closing script tag. Copy this code. Now get back to your index.html file and find the place where your Flash object is inserted. Search for “object” within your code. You will find line like this:
<object id="test1" width="Select this code from the opening object tag to the closing object tag and delete it. Now paste the code from that you’ve copied from your Swiffy conversion file.

That should be all! Your website will now have HTML5 object instead of Flash object and will be visible on iPads, iPhones, Android phones, tablets etc…

Do you need our expert’s help with the Flash to HTML5 conversion?

We know that many people will find this info or tutorial helpful, but we also know from our experience that lot of you don’t want to bother with codes and web programming, or simply don’t have the time to do it. Therefore, we are always at your disposal, to support you or to do the whole process for you, professionally and quickly. Feel free to fill the form below and ask for our assistance in Converting Your Flash to HTML5, WordPress, Jomla, or any other format that we support.

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