Convert Flash to HTML5 Services is devoted to providing Convert Flash to HTML5 services! Our expert’s daily job is converting Flash websites and we will be happy to provide you with the best solution!

Convert Flash to HTML5 Services

Main Reasons to Convert Flash to HTML5

While we believe you are fully aware of the disadvantages of having Flash website today, here are few of the main reasons to convert to HTML5:

  1. Adobe Flash content is not working on mobile phones or tablets using the operating systems iOS and Android. Your website is invisible to the devices powered by these operating systems.
  1. By not being visible on iOS and Android your website is invisible to billions of mobile phone and tablet owners. According to the statistics, the number of active mobile phones is 5 billions!
  1. Adobe Flash is blocked by default on the desktop and laptop browsers too! That makes your website invisible to practically everyone!
  1. With every passing minute you are losing your potential customers which instead of buying your products or services, they turn to your competitors.
  1. Having Flash is a great security threat. One of the main reasons why Flash was abandoned by the major players is its security. Your website and even your hosting server may be hacked today if you are still running a Flash based website.

How to convert your website from Flash to HTML5?

Well… there is no immediate and automated way of converting. However, there is a solution and it is an even better solution! You should entrust an experienced web development agency like to re-code your website from scratch using the latest technologies which are now compatible to all devices. This way you will not only have your website operational again but you will have an opportunity to better and upgrade your online presentation by adding new, modern and functional enhancements to your website which will grow your online success.

You should also think on getting the lowest price for the highest quality of converting services.
Luckily, we offer all that in one place!

What Our Convert Flash to HTML5 Services Cover?

Our Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services inlcude the following:

  1. Complete analysis of your current Flash website, downloading of all files and content. Making backup of your old website for archiving.
  1. Defining the look, layout and feel of the new website. In direct correspondence we will agree if the new website will look and function in the same way as the old website, or will we introduce new, more modern elements or functions. We will propose what would work better for your business and your online presentation.
  1. Work in progress… We will start the coding job according to the agreed plan and you will supervise. We will host a development version of the website online so you can come by and check the status of the development at any time and from anywhere. We will also provide online document where we can comment and discuss the ongoing project.
  1. Final testing, debugging, your final approval, and we have a lift-off!
    As simple as that.

How much will this cost me should I invest?

Yes, you should never think of this process as a cost, as it isn’t! It is an investment in your online presence which will help your business overcome the current issues and grow into a modern internet presentation of your products or services. With time, this will result in multiplied return of your initial investment.


How much should you invest? We would answer this with a question: How much would you lose if your website is not functional in a month? In 3 months? In a year? Think about this before you decide how much to invest in your new website.

What we can promise, is the best price on the market for the professional level of services that we provide. If you show us a better price for same quality, we will match it! If you are still not sure, just start by dropping us a message, we are here to provide advice and expertise, we are here to help you grow your business online.

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