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Convert Your Flash Website!

“Flash was created during the PC era – for PCs and mice. Flash was a successful business for Adobe…

But the mobile era is about low power devices, touch interfaces and open web standards

– all areas where Flash falls short.”

Steve Jobs on Flash, April 2010.

Still thinking? Are you aware of these facts?

Flash is not visible on iOS and Android

Adobe Flash content is not available for mobile and tablet operating systems iOS and Android. Your website is invisible to the devices powered by these operating systems.

You are missing the whole mobile/tablet market

By not being visible on iOS and Android your website is invisible to billions of mobile phone and tablet owners. According to the statistics, the number of active mobile phones is 5 billions!

No time to lose, the competition is winning

With every passing minute you are losing your potential leads and customers which instead of buying your products or your services they turn to your competitors.

Convert Your Website and get...

Mobile Friendly and Cross-Browser Compatible Website

We will build a modern, mobile and tablet friendly website for you. We are using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery technologies and Responsive Web Design. A site designed with Responsive Web Design adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images, and CSS3 media queries…

How it works?

When you send us your Flash based website URL address or your Flash files, we will contact you immediately to confirm that we have received your message. A real person from our team will contact you, we do not send automated email responses. We want to keep open, personal and sincere relations with our customers. After the initial conversation is started and when you supply us with a preview of your "old" website we will respond with a quotation for converting your Flash website to HTML5 or WordPress within 24 hours! If the price is ok for you then we move to the FREE demo website development phase! Many clients do not believe this, but yes, we will build a completely FREE demo website for you! Why we offer the demo website for free? Because we are so confident that this is the best way to show you what you are missing today and what you can get if you let us build you a new, modern, mobile-friendly and fully responsive web presentation for you and your business. If you like the demo website, then you can start with only 50% payment after which we will start transferring the data from the "old" to the "new" website and adding everything else that you require from us. After your full satisfaction only we will require the final 50% payment, after which we will publish the website and finish the project. We will not just leave you after this. We provide 30 days FREE support! and we can always continue our partnership with maintenance and SEO services.


  • Response and Quotation within 24h

    After we receive your message our team will respond with quotation within 24 hours. We guarantee the most affordable prices on the market!

  • Project Start. 50% Payment with Money Back Guarantee

    The Project is initiated and we require 50% payment for which we offer Money Back Guarantee in a form of signed Agreement.

  • You Monitor While We Work

    We develop the website on our servers and you will have direct access to monitor the progress. You can suggest edits, changes or updates whenever you like.

  • Last 50% Payment and Publishing

    Only after your full satisfaction we will require the last 50% from the payment, after which we transfer the website to your servers or publish it on our hosting platform.

  • 30 Days FREE Support and After-Sales Services

    We will provide 30 days FREE help and support so you can learn the new system and the ways of updating your content by yourself. If you don't have time or resources to maintain and update the website, we can offer many After Sales Services including maintenance, SEO and Internet Marketing Services for your website.

Ilan Maestro

Director / Via-Arkadia London

We have significantly increased the number of unique visitors to our website just in the first two months after we converted our website from Flash to WordPress format. The team did a fantastic job, and we got our new website in just two weeks. We have also signed a maintenance agreement.

Are you ready to...

Make the Right Step Forward

Just click the button below and make sure you provide us with an URL address of your “old” website or send us your Flash file using the form on the next page. Soon after our first email response you will recive our quotation… and it’s easy to work with people who want to help you and your business!

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